So yesterday I was writing a thoughtful post about world-building, switching POVs, anchoring fantasy and Severus Snape (no, really. I'll post it again later this week. Promise!) when all of a sudden I got a pic via Twitter-chum LaFabuliste and every coherent thought went right out the window. I actually placed a hand over my mouth like in the movies like some sort of gasping starlet and stared at the screen.

The photo was this:

Lovingly gakked from Christina's twitgoo--I can't believe I typed that with a straight face...

My brain registered: THAT'S LUMINOUS*! Followed closely by: THAT'S ALA**!

After that firework and sprinkle of sparkles erupted in my brain as well as a little cry of excitement that brought my family running, I proceeded to Tweet, Facebook, email my friends, and Skype with my in-laws in rapid succession. I couldn't believe it! It's the first sighting of my book as a book in the wild! I gazed at the picture, my next thoughts a jumble of domino-action:

It's pretty!
It's so pretty.
I wonder if there are ARCs available?
I didn't get an ARC.
Am I getting ARCs?
It looks like an ARC.
It's a galley copy.
What's the difference between a galley and an ARC?
It's so pretty!
Oh, look! It's Ellen's book!
Boy there are a lot of butterflies...
It doesn't have a shiny star.
It's the first one. There's nothing to star yet.
It's so pretty.

I know that I'm not a lead title or have a big marketing push, I know that it's not an easy-to-characterize book and that there are a whole lot of fabulous books coming out this year and mine's only one of them, but it is *mine* and there's nothing else quite like it out there in the world and there is Consuela, sitting on a shelf, for all the world to see.

And there's nothing quite like that in the whole wide world.

So I'm just going to bask in that for a while, thank you!

* a.k.a. MY BOOK!
** a.k.a. The American Library Association which is having their MidWinter meeting right now. I attended last year during a TweetUp in Boston and had the most amazing time! While I was slightly envious before, I am absolutely Kermit now!


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