Fun Film Friday: My Fair Lady

I was raised on theater. Being from Chicagoland, this wasn't unusual, but I have fond memories of going to various theaters--big ones and tiny ones--going as a family, as a special mother-daughter evening or volunteering as teen ushers to get in free. One of my favorite venues was in Lincolnshire where I got to see classic musicals in a theater-in-the-round, where the entire play had to be staged for 360 degrees of audience seating so *everyone* got to see the action and the use of the aisles made us feel part of the show. I remember thinking the best use of the theater-in-the-round was the "racetrack" scene in My Fair Lady, which became one of my all-time favorite musicals. I recently shared this with my daughter and it *still* cracks me up (perhaps because of my stint living in London it now has extra meaning)!

May Eliza, Prof. Higgins and associated aristocrasy bring you a smile this Friday.



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