Smokin’ Cool & A Day I’ll Never Forget: The Fire, Ice & Memory Experience

I know I should blog about what it was like to take part in the Fire, Air & Memory panel with headliner, Sarah J Maas, and fellow Tenner, Alexandra Bracken, but the problem is that blogging requires thought process and I'm afraid I'm still reeling from all the awesome.

Let's roll some film:


These are the proud panelists with their book babies, HEIR OF FIRE, DARKEST MINDS and INVISIBLE. You can imagine the play dates!
(My darling always wins at hide-n-seek!)

Fire Ice Mem 1

A fish-eye lens view of the packed room.
I'm serious: they took out all the chairs for this!

Panel signing

Here we are scribbling away. We didn't just sign books, we got to talk some one-on-one with other bibliophiles and people who love to talk about reading, writing and our favorite character actors.
These conversations were the highlight of my evening!

What I did not know--because I evidently live under a rock--is that Sarah and Alex are not only critique partners but best friends. This meant that seating the two of them together was sort of like hanging out at a slumber party and I could just sit back and listen to the two of them share stories and laughs, insights and theories, big revelations and inspirational heart-to-hearts without doing a thing. Fortunately, we had our star moderator, newly-acquired hilarity-incarnate Garrett to reign us in and lead the way down the question-and-answer rabbit hole back into the light.

All in all, it was a fabulous evening! And *signed books are still available* at the Odyssey Bookshop!


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