Indelible Playlist: The Hivemind Has Ears!

I am embarrassed when people ask me for a playlist. Unlike most writers this side of the century, I can't think straight with music playing and must type/scribble longhand/draw in silence.* The good news is this saves me and my selection from sounding terribly old and unhip, but the bad news is that then I can't offer an auditory picture for readers the mood of the book or easily introduce them to the characters I love. The only song I had was from the book trailer, which I pictured as the song playing the second time we see Joy at the Carousel; something dark, haunting and very come-hither-and-dance.

But one song does not a playlist make.

Fortunately for me, book blogger Ange at Libby's Blog loved the story so much that she not only gave it an awesome review but also made a playlist for Indelible! (Click here for the full list!) I am incredibly grateful because 1) she got it** and I'm happy when someone "gets it," 2) her excitement made ME want to go back and read my own book again,*** and 3) she is so much cooler than I could ever be! Proof: she created a list of great music including this--my personal favorite from her selection, Too Close by Alex Clare--because it really nails the relationship between Invisible Inq and the Bailiwick's bodyguard-slash-butler, Kurt.

After listening to this (four five six times in a row), my brain managed to come up with a song, too! It's from the soundtrack to The Lost Boys, "To The Shock of Miss Louise" (extended version found on YouTube!):

This could, quite possibly, keep me in the retro-cool-factor.

And that got me thinking that other people than me might have suggestions of their own, enough to create an ENTIRE oft-asked-for-and-never-offered playlist! So to all the readers, bloggers, friends and pros out there who have experienced the tale of Joy and Ink and Inq and Kurt, Graus Claude and Aniseed and Filly and Stef and the Twixt: what songs come to mind when YOU think of a particular character or scene? If the walls have ears and the Internet is a Hivemind, then I'd love to hear what the Hivemind hears when it reads Indelible!

Suggestions welcome!

* which also might explain why I write is weird, twisty lines instead!
** "It" being the book and not something contagious.
*** This is no small thing since, as any author can tell you, there gets to be a point after the writing and rewriting, large edits, small edits, line edits, fine tuning, etc. that we can no longer stand to even look at our book ONE MORE TIME so being inspired to pick it up again is a tribute to inspirational squeeing.


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