Ooo! Shiny! It’s MY BOOK! Want One?

Look what I got! Look! Look!

Box O Books

A whole box of pretty, shiny final copies of the real-live-book-O-M-G-it's-here paperbacks of INDELIBLE! It's here! In my hands! Right now!* I opened the box and it even had that new-book smell! I couldn't wait to grab one and shove it into the hands of everyone I knew! Why? Because this is a tactile experience and, if you know anything about me, you know that I'm all about the sensory trip.

These books are SUPER shiny because the rose and the lettering are glossy, raised and embossed--popping off the page like only real book covers do!

Shiny Book

I'm trying (and failing) to capture the effect on film, but trust me, your fingertips will know the difference! I am reminded of this line from the book: "He was reading her like Braille." I'm similarly enraptured, fascinated, unable to turn away... (cough) (ahem)

ANYway, to celebrate, you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to GIVE SOME AWAY!

Nathan Fillion totally approves.

Of course, that means I have to make you do something... hmm... how about:


1) Tweet, FB, or otherwise spread the word about INDELIBLE finally reaching book-status by mentioning it plus a link to either:
a) Amazon:
b) Barnes & Noble:
c) Indiebound:
d) The Official Book Trailer:

2) Link it to me either in Twitter (@dawnmetcalf) or Facebook (dawn.metcalf.73) or you can always email me at Dawn.Metcalf (at) gmail to brag about your entry & be entered to win!

I'm opening this up INTERNATIONALLY and winners will be chosen July 15th!

Celebrate, spread the word & SQUEE!

* Okay, not "right now" as I'm typing this, but work with me.


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