Celebrating 6 Months Until LUMINOUS!

Yesterday marked exactly *6 months* until LUMINOUS hits the shelves! To celebrate, I have a surprise.

Follow me, I have something to show you...

*clapping hands and bouncing with giddy glee*

You didn't know there was a door right here, did you? Watch your head and wait until I, okay, there we go: see that flicker? Gaslight. Wait for them to warm up. It's frosted glass sconces and hand-worked brass all the way down. See the stairs at the end? This way. Careful, I know the carpet's worn, but it's stunning. Vegetable dyes are tough to keep clean, but the colors are just gorgeous. Ready to go up? No handrail, but feel the walls! I'm a sucker for woodwork, which is why I love these stairs. You can see the inlay on the risers: birdseye maple and mahogany, cherry heartwood and the walls? Those are Bloodwood. Oh, don't look so shocked! It's just a color. Up here, just a little further. Isn't it a great tapestry? From Italy, I think. But the best part is under here--lift the corner: see an old metal plate? Looks like a satyr in a forest? If you slide that leaf to the left, you can see the hidden keyhole. And here's the key! No, you do it. I want to see your face. Just turn it to the right and look:


I know, right? You go explore. Take your time. I'll be here in the armchair reading this book.


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